Project management actions

ACTION C.1: Project management

This action is designed to facilitate the effective running of the proposed project by forming an effective project management structure. EPPO, as the coordinating beneficiary, will be responsible for the overall management of the project. The Project will be managed through PRINCE2 Standards.

ACTION C.2 Monitoring the progress of the project

The project progress will be evaluated at least every two months based on progress indicators defined in the proposal (see indicator for each action). The results will be displayed on the projects website. EPPO will be responsible for evaluating the progress for all actions. Progress indicators will be complied for each action by the coordinator and presented on the website, in activity reports and to the Project Board and the Steering Committee.

ACTION C.3 External auditing

This action involves the external auditing needed to verify the financial records of the project. An independent audit will be implemented by a professional auditor nominated by EPPO. The auditor will have the full compliance of the coordinating beneficiary and the co-beneficiary. The audit will verify that the project’s finances are being administered in line with national and EU legislation. External auditing will take place prior to the submission of the mid-term and final reports and/or at any time requested by the Commission.

ACTION C.4 Indicators

This action involves the compilation of indicator tables with both quantitative and qualitative information. Indicator tables will be included in the mid-term and final reports and with them, the project will be assessed

ACTION C.5 Evaluating the socio-economic impact of the project

This action involves a study on the socio-economic impact of the projects actions. The study and associated report will be included within the final report which will be delivered to the Commission on the 31st March 2018. The report will be produced in a word document between 10-15 pages in length. The study will have a European focus evaluating the benefits of risk assessments for individual species. The study will evaluate the socio-economic benefits of risk assessment for three distinct invasive alien plant categories (i) species currently absent from the EU, (ii) species which are widespread and (iii) species with a very limited presence within the EU. Figures will be drawn from species which are actually risk assessed within this IAS-RISK proposal.

ACTION C.6 After LIFE Plan pest risk assessment plan for invasive alien plants

This action will produce an after-LIFE plan for PRA for IAPs. The after-LIFE plan will be written in the final year of the project. The after-LIFE plan will form an operational document to be used by the projects beneficiaries and other key stakeholders to inform on the work that needs to be done to continue and expand the work in this field following the completion of this project. It is expected that this document will form 10-20 pages.